Realicide by Christopher Swetenham  






Realicide is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.
Realicide should be a weekly comic, but real life seems determined to make that as difficult as possible.
Me and my brother script all the strips, then I draw and color them.

A little about me, the author. My name is Christopher Swetenham, an 18-year-old ex-student of the European School of Luxembourg, soon going to university. My hobbies include reading(mostly science fiction), playing computer and video games(just about anything except sports games), programming(games), learning Japanese, reading manga, watching anime, and making a webcomic(Realicide). I live with my brother, Nick, and my parents.

The very first webcomic I ever found was It's Walky!, which must have been, oh, late 1999.
From there I found links to other webcomics, some of which I also enjoyed.
By sometime in 2000 I was checking at least 10 comics a day. I now make it ~25 comics, most of which were on keenspot/keenspace.

The idea started to form in my mind of making my own. I got a few totally unrelated ideas, for example how Luxembourg has so few people in it, that if they had some kind of FBI there would be something like 2 agents. Or how Real Life is funny, I should do something about me and my friends too. Or my friend Ronan's idea, what if reality had a console like many games have, which would let you change anything at all? Eventually I pieced everything together and got Realicide. Woot.

About the characters and stuff:
FiB Info
Originally named the LBI(Luxembourg Bureau of Investigations), the FiB is a secret organisation that was created in 1947 following the Roswell incident, as a small branch of the Luxembourgish Government, and given the task of investigating paranormal occurences in the country.

Mysterious Shadow Guy is the boss of the FiB, and so far has not revealed his face.

Agent P, Sarah 'Phyre' Hurst.
Skilled in the use of handguns and hacking, Phyre was top of her class at FiB Academy.
Phyre assumes the role of leader of the two agents, mostly because she is the only competent one. She is irritated by Norbert's total lack of professional attitude towards his job.

Agent N, Norbert 'Pepper' Eriksson, actual name Norbert.
Norbert thinks he's James Bond. He's not. He was the only other person to survive training at the FiB Academy, and so got accepted by default, regardless of his incompetence.
Well, they did manage to teach him how to operate of heavy and exotic weaponry, but that hasn't been very useful yet.

FiB Scientists, who just happen to almost all be female for reasons that have yet to be revealed, are there to run the (evil) research projects of the FiB. There are about 200 of them, but only a few have made an appearance so far.

Clone Soldiers are, in the words of Eric von Braun (below), 'thick as mud'. Mass-produced at high rate and low quality in the clone vats, they do all the dirty work and menial tasks. Ethical concerns concerning the clone soldiers are not high in FiB staff's minds.

Other Characters:

Chris and Nick Swetenham are 18 and 14 years old respectively. They are students at the European School of Luxembourg. (based on the authors of the strip by the same name.) Referred to as "The Family" by Mysterious Shadow Guy. Recently joined Phil's party

Phil accidentaly received a package belonging to the FiB, containing experimental reality-altering software. He tried running it, and something happened to his mind, causing him to believe he is an RPG character. Phil used to have a ponytail, which earned him comments along the lines of 'that guy looks like a chick' from readers. It was disposed of.

Omen is the harbinger of sombre tidings. She can see the future and now lives in Chris and Nick's house.

Ronan is a mysterious hacker ninja who lives in a wooden bungalow near the mighty (i.e. couldn't drown a fly) Petrusse river. He is a friend of Chris and Nick, and also of...

Eric von Braun, also known as the Mysterious Cloaked Guy, has telekinetic powers. He used to work at the FiB and taught Phyre and Norbert's class.