Realicide by Christopher Swetenham  






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Stuff By Chris
A sketch I did for Connell Wood of Plufim fame. His first ever fanart by someone he didn't know.
The first ever sketch of Omen. At least, the first one of Omen as a woman as opposed to a mysterious cloaked figure with a mask, because that kinda sucked even if it sounds good.
A dismembered pikachu head, because, as you might have guessed by now, I find pikachu irritatingly cute.
Just a pretty random sketch.
Agent Number 2 and Agent Number 1 from MTV's Spy Groove.
Chibi Death, because...I felt like it.
A sketch of a wolf head, while I was designing Wolfgang.
Another sketch of a wolf head.
The Random Generator, among its other ourpourings, came up with 'The Fairy Ninja'. I just had to draw it.
My very first mech drawing.
My first sketch of Wolfgang's body.
A messy-looking sketch of Yuki from Megatokyo.
Something I drew in a Chemistry lesson that didn't quite manage to rivet my attention.
I had to practice drawing side views for comic 13.
NEW! I practiced inking by drawing Haruko from Slam Dunk. Maybe I should have spent a little longer drawing it first, but what the hell.
NEW! Fanart I did recently for Connell Wood of Plufim fame. His response was swift and staggering, as you can see if you scroll down.

Stuff By Nick
Sushi, the first character Nick ever drew.
Originally supposed to be a drawing of an elf, this eventually turned into a Star Trek fan.
A large female eye by Nick.
Morone, a badly-drawn guy with unlikely bulging neck muscles and pecs, who is saying, "Take my advice or I'll spank you without pants!"
A cute pikachu accidentally turned upside-down during the scanning process.
Don't ask.
Extracts from a hard-boiled New York cop, Max Payne-inspired story Nick is writing.

Stuff by Others
Omen makes a cameo appearance in Plufim.
A strange creature drawn by Rachel.
A drawing of Omen by Ronan.
Nick's friend Thomas translated a Realicide strip into German...
...then proceeded to translate one into slightly dodgy French. Ce qui ce passe?
Anouk reads Kamikaze. Anouk decides she wants to draw like the author of Kamikaze. Anouk sits down and, in the time it takes me to sit down, grab a pencil and collect my thoughts, she's drawn this. I need more kung fu.
Look! This picture features in comic #18, on the wall. It looks far too good and sets lofty goals that people like me, who couldn't draw a stick figure to save their life six months ago, can only hope to achieve.
NEW! What happens when Realicide meets Babelfish, courtesy of Thomas, a.k.a. Redmans, a.k.a. Fat Fando Cabes.
NEW! I received this amazing line-art of Omen soon after. (After the picture of Kara I sent him. Aren't you paying attention?) To top it off, he posted the pic on the Megatokyo Art forum for all to CG.
NEW! First posted CG, by Milkchan!
NEW! Second posted CG, by Cyanwings!
NEW! Third posted CG, by Solo!

Miscellaneous Stuff
The infamous Realicide Bottle Banner!
A mini banner for Realicide.
A funny photo taken by Michelle while on holiday.
Another funny photo. Note the dent in the panel.
The FiB logo, because I felt like making it.
Chris, only slightly younger. Dressed as Charlie Chaplin.
Nick, only slightly younger. Dressed as a nondescript medieval Chinese man.
Chris and Nick sitting on a sofa at Christmas. Chris looks nervous as Nick checks for interesting things happening elsewhere.
First of a series of pictures of Chris+Nick in their Halloween costumes. Nick as Ronnie, the Fifth Horseman of The Apocalypse (next time he'll have a sword like Ronnie from Thief of Time). Chris as Largo, a costume nominated for the Halloween 2001 'Best Costume thrown together in 5 minutes Award' Award.
Nick lurks menacingly, hovering avec Scythe over Chris, who still has that same stupid grin.
No hard feelings.
It was a bad photo of (from left to right) Michelle, Nick, Chris, and Rachel. But we have the technology; we made it better, stronger, more bad-ass. It's now a picture Nick has dubbed 'Welcome to the den of...EEEEE-VILLL!!'
Picture of Nick by the pool, with a menacing shadow over his eyes.